Broadband Fiber

Broadband Fiber is a subset of the broadband terrestrial dataset, displaying the polygon shape service areas of fiber route networks. Data is provided by the FCC to show broadband coverage areas specifically related to commercial use.
Video Pattern

How Broadband Fiber can be utilized

This data set is valuable for determining the actual broadband service areas as they relate to the entire fiber network footprint. Information applicable to a variety of industries and use cases, this dataset can be layered with D&B business addresses and other data to provide an accurate depiction of network coverages.

Benefits of Broadband Fiber

  • Examine Carrier Broadband Coverage Areas
  • Examine how many competitors are in the same market
  • View carrier strong and weak markets
  • Examine new markets and the competition in place
  • Show which areas have broadband service
  • Show broadband connectivity for both residential and commercial structures and developments
  • Show how many broadband choices a location has
  • Display and study various broadband carriers to help recruit new business
  • Understand broadband and high speed internet availability and capacity and compare that information to other adoption data.

Mapping the Commercial Reach of Broadband Fiber Networks

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