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Security and Fiber Optics

Security and Fiber Optics

By GeoTel Communications

In an effort to create a safer and more secure environment, individuals and organizations alike are looking to fiber optics as the solution.

Fiber optic cables, which sit under the ground in a majority of the industrialized world, have become critical in the internet marketplace. Now, traversing into another market, security systems are becoming increasingly reliant on the technology. There is a direct correlation to a population’s need for increased security protocol and the use of fiber optics in this sector of the marketplace. This is based on fiber optics’ ability to securely store data,  provide high-speed bandwidth, and avoid interference from other electric devices.

The secure nature of fiber optics can be tied to the cables themselves, which are made from glass. Because the cable is easily breakable, should  someone  attempt to interfere with the cabling, the glass material would likely shatter, thus preventing a so-called “data tap.”

Moreover, the installation of cameras in public facilities such as schools, malls, and city parks requires large enough bandwidth for immediate police response in the event of an emergency. This speed is only available through fiber optic connectivity. By way of example, the  Baltimore County Public Schools “installed 160 miles of high-speed fiber-optic lines  to help police keep a closer watch on what was happening inside  the county’s elementary school buildings.” The county’s security upgrades were welcomed by parents who felt law enforcement’s ability to more closely monitor the interior of schools created a more secure environment. Likewise, individual homeowners are experiencing similar results after implementing their own fiber optic-based security protocols.

Finally, for security companies switching from satellite or coaxial connections to fiber optics is a welcome change as the speed is increased with fewer transmission limitations in fiber optics.

If your company is interested in exploring the possibility of fiber optics for security purposes, our GeoTel team is here to help. Click HERE to learn more.

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