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The Submarine Cable of the Arctic

The Submarine Cable of the Arctic

submarine cableThe Arctic submarine cable is close to becoming a reality. This telecommunications venture will connect nations in a brand new way. Finland has been lobbying this project for a long time in the hopes to be an international traffic node for data communication. Now, two companies are making headway and claiming this international job for themselves.

Cinia and MegaFon have set up a joint venture and created a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop a telecom submarine cable that will travel through the Arctic Sea. This new telecom wire will bridge the continents in a way that has never been done. Cinia was established in Finland in 2015 based on the strong belief that the global economy relies on sufficient data networks and ever-growing software solutions. MegaFon was known previously as North-West GSM and is one of the largest telecom operators and mobile phone operators in Russia. The two companies are excited to be venturing on an international infrastructure project that poses worldwide benefits.

Bridging the Gap Benefits

The global economy depends on international logistics systems and fiber map networks more and more every day. The trans-Arctic telecom cable will create significantly greater reliability and increased performance for the global network. This new venture will offer the lowest latency connection between Asia and Europe, which will optimize the sea route to have an extremely high processing volume with minimal delay. This project will also have high network availability with a combination of physical diversity and contribute to the development of socio-economic activities in the Arctic.

Telecom Submarine Cables Today

About 99% of all global telecommunications are provided via international deep-sea submarine cable networks. This new submarine cable through the Arctic Sea is estimated to be 10,000 kilometers and will be the first of its kind. Currently, the international infrastructure is lacking a telecom cable that links Europe, North America, Japan, and Russia. This new connection will cover nearly 85% of the world’s population and bring these countries together in more ways than one.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen