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How Does T-Mobile’s New Broadband Service Help Customers and the Tech Industry?

How Does T-Mobile’s New Broadband Service Help Customers and the Tech Industry?

Will T-Mobile’s new service be a game changer?

T-Mobile will be offering a fixed in-home broadband service if it can merge with Sprint. Why should this matter to you? This new service will create another option that consumers would be able to choose from. According to CEO John Legere in a blog post, the more options, the better it is for the consumer because of new innovation and price fluctuations. “With the New T-Mobile and our unique 5G capabilities, we’ll be able to offer a fast and reliable alternative for in-home broadband—yes, a real alternative option. And we aren’t just going to offer a new alternative; we are going to change it the same way we changed wireless! Aggressive prices, rapid innovation, listening to customers and fixing what’s broken.”

The new in-home service will be called “New T-Mobile Home Internet”—that will initially launch using a 4G router operating on T-Mobile’s LTE network. After the merger with Sprint, the router will be upgraded to Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum and 5G compatible hardware. For the service, there will be a monthly price with no annual service contract. This allows service to be aggressively priced according to John Legere. “A low-cost structure means we can aggressively price this service below what in-home broadband providers typically charge today.” During the research period, T-Mobile found that over 6.6 million have no access to in-home broadband. However, this will change by 2024 when nearly 90% of the U.S will have access with speeds of 100 Mbps.

One of the main objectives that T-Mobile wants to do is put an end to higher-priced services and fix most of the areas that customers have been complaining about with their in-home broadband services. “What T-Mobile has done for mobile wireless consumers; New T-Mobile will do for in-home broadband consumers. The combined company will be relentless in removing customer pain points and changing the things people hate about their in-home broadband service,” T-Mobile said in its filing, submitted by DLA Piper partner Nancy Victory, a former assistant secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information at NTIA.

With this new service and faster speeds being developed this is a good sign for the tech industry as a whole and for the GIS industry too. Both industries will be able to implement the new service and speeds for better products and technology for the future.

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Valerie Stephen