How Telecom Data Drives Real-Time Business Insight

business insightThe key to driving business insight and analytics is in highly accurate telecommunications data. Making decisions without proper business insight can negatively impact a company. With cloud-based analytical solutions, an organization can be more prepared and make properly weighed out decisions.

Fundamentals of Business Insights

Being able to capitalize on what data has to offer can set an organization up for success. Company decision-makers can effectively make decisions with data analysis to outline the main company functions. Core functions of an organization can benefit greatly from proper data and business insights.

According to QuickBooks, “A business insight combines data and analysis to find meaning in and increase understanding of a situation, resulting in some competitive advantage for your business.”

Capitalize on Collaboration

When all parts of a business work together this creates a well-functioning machine. The most essential forms of collaboration come with shared information and working towards the same goal. When various core functions rely on data that solely lives in spreadsheets, it can be difficult for everyone in the organization to access it. Fortunately, certain SaaS data platforms can actually present data in ways that can be accessed companywide. Most companies utilize allocated data for sales forecasts and budget planning, without these predictive guides a business could overspend. Telecommunications data also can drive real-time business insights.

Telecom Data for Business Insight

This data can provide various forms of business insight for organizations. Having accurate information on the location of carrier fiber routes can provide insight into where a competitive carrier is heavily present or what areas another carrier finds most prosperous. Also knowing where fiber routes are laid can show potential business opportunities or allow an organization to properly analyze certain decisions. Having access to fiber maps and maps with fiber lit buildings can assist a business in deciding a good investment in real estate or a great location for a new office. Telecom data based on area codes or central offices can provide business insight on various demographics and aspects of certain locations.

There are countless ways in which telecom data provides business insight for various organizations. To access advanced, accurate telecom data, fill out the form below and a GeoTel expert will be in touch.

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Author: GeoTel Experts