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VoIP “Contact Center” Solution for NYC Businesses

VoIP “Contact Center” Solution for NYC Businesses

Cloud services such as VoIP continue to grow and are heavily expanding in the NYC area.

Gone are the days when just basic cable TV and phone services are being offered. Now, it is all about cloud computing and mobile apps – having products and services available whenever consumers need them. The most widely used services in this regard are cloud-based applications, and more specifically, VoIP service.

VoIP, which stands for “voice over internet protocol,” is a way of making phone calls, including long distance and international calls, directly from computers through the internet/ISP. With more and more people on the go or in need of easy-to-access web-based services, VoIP is an option that is hard to beat when customers are searching for communications services.

With the steady rise of faster, more reliable internet service providers, this makes VoIP a great choice for many consumers, including businesses. Consumers get service-based access and pricing, lowering the overall cost of communications for consumers and business. VoIP ultimately “removes the task of network management and even allows businesses to downsize or streamline IT operations.”

The typical business offers a wide array of products, and thus has customers all over the world. As a result, businesses know that constant follow-up with their clients is a key necessity. Telecom vendors understand this and have now started to offer hosted call center services.

For businesses in the greater New York City area, great news! Lightpath, a telecom company that is part of the Altice USA family, offers a contact center option on their “own 100% fiber optic network.” With any of their voice services, consumers have the option of adding their exclusive “Hosted Contact Center” solution to their plans. Fiber optic networks offer the fastest speeds with the most significant reliability and bandwidth.

Improving something as seemingly minuscule as the quality of a phone call ensures a better customer experience and quicker call-handling for business employees. How does VoIP call center services benefit a business? Here’s what Lightpath has to say,

  • “Network operations support by the service provider”
  • “Service-based access and pricing”
  • “IP is a borderless technology”
  • “Business continuity via 24/7 up-time and remote data backup”

If a business can increase their customer experience by putting their call center on a platform that is available right at their fingertips through the most reliable network available, businesses will cut costs and increase revenue. That certainly makes VoIP call center a great solution for many businesses.

(blog source: Lightpath)


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