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Google Cloud and Intel Partner to Assist the 5G Infrastructure

Google Cloud and Intel Partner to Assist the 5G Infrastructure

Two major players will assist with network rollouts in the 5G infrastructure. Learn more in this article.

On Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 Google announced its new partnership with Intel to assist in the deployment of the 5G infrastructure. Together they plan “to develop reference architectures and integrated solutions for communications service providers to assist in the deployment of 5G and edge network solutions.

The next change to affect the 5G telecommunications network infrastructure is led with cloud computing and cloud-based concepts. As telecom providers further construct their 5G networks, they will rely on cloud-native solutions not only in regard to connectivity but also for client service offerings and experiences.

Partnering Together

Intel and Google will partner together in order to achieve their 5G infrastructure goals. According to Google’s Press Release, “by partnering across the telecommunications stack—with application providers, carriers and communications service providers, hardware providers, and global telecoms—we can decrease the cost and time-to-market needed for the telecommunications industry to shift to cloud-native 5G.”

There are three main areas that the Google and Intel partnership will focus on.

  1. Provide ease of access to next-generation hardware and infrastructure solutions with Virtualized RAN (vRAN) and Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) for communications providers.
  2. Launch development opportunities for providers to innovate cloud-native 5g solutions, referred to as a Network Functions Validation Lab.
  3. Deliver enterprise applications to the network edge.

Support in these areas will provide immense benefits for all players in the 5G market.

The 5G Market Outlook

In 2019, the 5G infrastructure market was estimated to be worth about $784 million and is expected to grow to $47,775 by 2027. The driving factors behind these evaluations are the virtual networks architecture, mobile data traffic growth, and lower latency. Major players in the market are companies such as Ericsson and Samsung among others. The inclusion of Google Cloud and Intel will assist in the growth of the 5g market and its infrastructure.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen