Agricultural Sector Is Tapping Into GIS

microsoft agricultural dataThe United States has become the agricultural capital of the world.  However, the old fashioned notion of tractors harvesting grain and farmers using maps to guide their way through their fields is soon to be a thing of the past. 

Today’s agricultural sector now depends a great deal on technology — especially when it comes to GIS-based technology.  For instance, agricultural specialists now use GPS based systems in order to ensure efficient harvesting and to confirm that every acre of farmland has been accounted for.  In fact, drones are now even being used to examine the effects of environmental changes on grain fields.

Now, even agricultural cooperatives, those business entities which serve rural areas, are getting on board with GIS technologies in order to better serve their members.  One such example of this is the “Farmers RECC.”

It was formed in 1938 by a group of central Kentucky farmers, with the simple mission of bringing reliant electric power not only to residential homes, but to the surrounding communities, as well.  Today, the Farmers RECC serves more than 24,000 electrical meters.

Just recently, this cooperative selected “geoOrganizer” software from a vendor known as “GISBiz,” based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  This software suite is comprised of both the “geoFIT” and “geoDASH” modules.  With these mobile software apps, “. . . farmers are now able to record their field activities in a digital form that satisfies their inspection requirements as mandated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.”  (SOURCE:

Members of the Farmers RECC cooperative are now quickly realizing the benefits of this software suite.  For instance, employees can now view a map of their service area, quickly and efficiently, on their iPads or iPhones, without having to establish a specific Wifi connection.

Agricultural assets can be recorded in the form of notes (both verbal and written), audio, and high quality photographs.  Another key feature of the geoOrganizer also includes displaying information and data in real time, using rich graphic functionalities.

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