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AT&T and GM Redefine Automotive Connectivity with 5G

AT&T and GM Redefine Automotive Connectivity with 5G

automotive connectivity with 5gGeneral Motors (GM) and AT&T are teaming together to create the next generation of vehicle network capabilities.

A new era for the vehicle network is here. GM and AT&T are defining automotive connectivity with 5G. Over the next decade the two companies are aiming to connect millions of GMC, Chevy, and Cadillac vehicles. The addition of fifth generation cellular network architecture is setting the benchmark for automotive developments.

The 5G high performance network capabilities will include the following enhancements.

  • Highly improved coverage while on the go
  • More reliable, secure, and faster software updates
  • Enhanced quality and quicker video and music downloads
  • Faster mapping, navigation, and voice services

The two companies have announced providing these services in select models for the year 2024. However, this is not the first time these companies have worked together.

Auto Connectivity with AT&T

The introduction of 5g to the vehicle network will only solidify the relation with AT&T and automotive vehicles. In 2013, AT&T had been supplying the popular OnStar LTE services. Then in 2014, the company started providing Wi-Fi hotspots with GM. However, a data plan was required previously to access certain services between the two conglomerates.

Data through the Cloud

The companies plan to work together to specify that AT&T’s core network can handle future needs of 5G-enabled vehicles, combining GM cars and back office technology and the carrier’s network to implement an end-to-end wireless network, according to a GM spokesperson.

Microsoft is also included in this packaging by providing cloud services. It will be operating AT&T’s cloud network with Azure. This final piece will ensure reliability and speed of AT&T’s 5G network by relying on Microsoft’s secure and scalable cloud services.

The cellular generation network enhancements are bringing a new era of automotive connectivity with 5g.  While AT&T and GM are the first to announce this deal, other providers and automobile makers will have to keep up with this technology to stay relevant. Contact the experts at GeoTel for one of the largest, most accurate, and inclusive carrier databases available.

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Valerie Stephen