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Megaport’s Cloud Router is Expanding

Megaport’s Cloud Router is Expanding

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Megaport, the company that helps to “virtualize your network” is offering more options and capabilities to the Megaport Cloud Router platform.

What Is a Cloud Router?

A cloud router is a powerful “at-home” networking solution that enables users to manage their digital lifestyles via a wireless router. These routers have the capabilities of individual personalized internet access, on-network visibility, connection controls, and more.

Megaport’s Cloud Router

Megaport has expanded is cloud router by adding new capabilities and regions that were not offered before. The virtual router was originally launched last year and allowed users to make private connections without a physical network infrastructure or data center. In other words, users could safely move data by simply using the cloud. This means government entities and businesses undergoing digital transformation can virtually connect without a physical router, allowing cloud-to-cloud connections.

Megaport’s CEO, Vincent English, recently stated, “Megaport’s mission is to reduce the complexity of getting connected in a cloud-enabled world… MCR allows our customers to take advantage of powerful networking capabilities without having to be an expert network engineer.” English went on to say that users can create faster-connecting virtual routers on demand while saving costs, resources, and controlling in-cloud traffic. The company Vice President, John Veizades, went on to say that their goal is to minimize the complexity of connecting to the cloud as much as possible.

The Megaport Cloud Router connects with various cloud service providers. Some of the providers it works with are Google Cloud, AWS, IBMCloud, Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, and Nutanix. The virtual router platform is currently available in certain cities in the USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

More on Megaport

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The company pushes faster connections, more data, more agility, and simplified connectivity. Megaport’s homepage states three core initiatives.

  • Make Networking Easier – You will not need to be a network engineer to utilize its virtual network. You can log in to your Megaport
    account directly and build a personalized network hassle-free.
  • No Hardware Needed – No physical data center or hardware is needed, which saves time, resources, and money.
  • Multicloud Support – Utilizing a multi-cloud network can be confusing for some and necessary for others. Multi-cloud is a certain approach that utilizes various cloud vendors, some could be private or public. The benefits of utilizing multi-cloud strategy are bolstered resilience, scalability, network performance improvements, enhanced risk management, and security. (Examples of cloud vendors are Apple, Salesforce, and IBM.) Multicloud computing is preferred by many organizations and by offering support users can transition between cloud providers seamlessly.

Companies may choose a virtual cloud network or more physical data processing. No matter what your company’s preferred computing methods are, know you can rely on GeoTel Communications to provide you with all the telecommunications details and data.


Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen