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Compass Data, Inc., Reaches a Critical Milestone

Compass Data Inc Reaches a Critical Milestone

Compass Data, Inc., Reaches a Critical Milestone

Compass Data, Inc., a leading GIS vendor headquartered in Centennial, CO, was founded in 1993.  They specialize in the development and analysis of GIS software applications, photogrammetry, as well as remotely sensed data.  What makes this company even more unique is that they have collected data from over 32,000 Ground Control Points (GCPs) from six of the seven continents.  The remaining continent is Antarctica, and they have plans to conquer that territory soon.

They also provide Geospatial and Global Positioning Services (GPS) for a wide array of clients in the following industry segments:  1)  Aerial & satellite imagery; 2) Public utilities; 3) Law enforcement; 4) Aviation; 5) The federal government; 6) Telecommunications; and 7) Construction.  Compass Data, Inc., provides numerous services, ranging from conducting land surveys to Geodetic consulting to web-based GIS map hosting.

Just this past week they announced they had reached another crucial milestone in the growth of the company–the attainment of the “ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management.”  This is a prestigious level of certification and Compass Data, Inc., had to pass an exhaustive audit of its quality control processes.

This merit recognizes the company has far surpassed the minimum requirements set forth for GIS based core processes, in addition to exceeding customer requirements.  This certification is definitely a huge boon for the company as there are very few GIS vendors who have achieved this particular level of certification.

According to Doug Braddock, the Quality Manager at Compass Data, Inc., “This certification assures our customers of our commitment to meeting their needs by using standardized procedures that have been independently verified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 requirements . . . Our customers will know that the product they receive from us has been created in an environment where internal processes are consistent and continually improving.”  (SOURCE:

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Valerie Stephen