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Consequences of Outdated Network Infrastructure

Consequences of Outdated Network Infrastructure

North Carolina is a well-known state for higher education, with numerous universities, such as Duke, Wake Forest and UNC, pushing the boundaries of technology. Yet, many businesses and residents struggle with limited or non-existent Internet access.

This has major consequences on the state’s economy, because businesses now consider Internet access as basic as electricity and water service. When broadband services are lacking, companies are hesitant to locate anywhere that doesn’t have reliable high-speed connectivity.

Shelby, N.C.-based fiber-optic provider RST Global Communications recently announced it would help bring North Carolina into the 21st century by increasing its fiber network map from 500 miles to 3,000 miles in only seven months. RST hopes this aggressive high-speed broadband growth will help position the Tar Heel state as a prime destination for economic development and education.

“The consequences of outdated network infrastructure are serious for our state,” said Dan Limerick, RST’s CEO to the Fort Mill Times. “We believe that fiber-connected communities are the future and our world-class network provides an increasingly attractive business environment.”

RST’s mission is to develop state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure across the state. By laying an all-fiber network, RST said everything from healthcare organizations to residential markets would benefit thanks to the timesaving and increased productivity. In hurricane prone North Carolina, the buried fibers cables ensure maximum security, reliability and weather protection.

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Valerie Stephen