Connecting US and Brazil Through Fiber

When one thinks of telecom or network cabling, the images of servers connected to one another with Ethernet cabling, or telephone wires crossing one another over gigantic poles often comes to mind.  Luckily, a telecom vendor known as “Seaborn Networks” is about to change this image. 

They bring to the customer a subsea-based, cabling environment.  Seaborn Networks possesses more than 75 cable landing stations, 250 points of presence around the globe, and more than 250,000 kilometers of submarine cabling.  That is enough to go around the world six times!

Essentially, Seaborn Networks is transforming and enhancing the world of global communications.  This is being done by launching the “Seabras-1” cabling service, between New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This will be the first direct subsea fiber optic cabling between the two countries. It is expected that this project will be fully operational in two years.  Many U.S. corporations are already expressing a strong interest in this, with Microsoft being one of them.

It is interesting to note that the existing subsea cabling between the United States and Brazil represents almost 65% of all of the Internet traffic, data, and voice communications between Latin America and the rest of the world.

To launch the Seabras-1 project, Seaborn Networks announced they just received new financing from a private equity firm known as the “Partners Group,” and an equity structuring bank known as “Nataxis,” who is underwriting $270 million in debt financing.  This sum of money, coupled with cash raised by the Partners Group, brings the total amount of funding for the project to $500 million.

According to Brandon Prater, an official at the Partners Group, “Telecommunications demand between South America and the U.S. – and, indeed, the rest of the world – is only going to grow in the future and we see huge potential for Seaborn cable networks.”

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