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Telehouse Secures Itself as an Energy-Efficient Data Center Option

Telehouse Secures Itself as an Energy-Efficient Data Center Option

Energy Efficient Data CenterConsumers and investors are putting more pressure on the importance of sustainability in data centers. Fortunately, Telehouse has been aware of this and has created some of the most energy-efficient data center options in the industry.

Energy-Efficient Data Centers

A few weeks ago, Telehouse had just announced an over $290 million dollar refurbishing plan for its datacenters. The company has taken energy efficiency extremely seriously and has made various strides in securing itself as a sustainable data center option. The following factors highlight the company’s environmentally friendly efforts.

  • Powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Energy-efficient generators
  • Digital Airflow Models
  • Advanced automation and AI

While not all of these efforts are new to 2022, the company is continuing to move in a greener direction.

100% Renewable Energy

According to Digital Realty, “the entire United States data center industry uses over 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.” Whereas the global data center industry accounts for 3% of worldwide energy consumption, which is more than the entire United Kingdom’s electricity usage. Telehouse is aware of the global impact its industry has and sources 100% of its energy operations from renewable sources. These sources derive from solar power, wind power, and hydro generators. The company also plans to improve the generators further.

Energy-Efficient Generators

Telehouse has announced that is also updating the currently placed generators with more energy efficient options. The company uses some hydro and biomass generators and plans to ensure all generators are more sustainable by the end of the year.

Digital Airflow Models

A new Telehouse venture includes operating with digital twins of the data center facilities. These digital twins will rely on 3D modeling software and be able to monitor airflow in real-time. These models will monitor the efficiency of the current cooling efforts and measure where adjustments can be made.

Advanced Automation and AI

Telehouse is testing advanced automation and AI implementation into its data centers as well. Senior Operations Director, Paul Lewis, stated that with these new tools, the company “can drive better efficiencies because we’ve seen with energy costs and everything else, we need to try and be as efficient as we can. That helps us as a business, helps our customers, and helps the sustainability aspects, which is key for us.” Not only are AI and automation allowing for more seamless operations for energy efficiency but are also improving the company’s security efforts.

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Written by: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen