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ESRI Now Offering A GIS Software Development Kit

ESRI Now Offering A GIS Software Development Kit

esri software development kit

A Geographic Information System (GIS) not only allows for an end-user to perceptually visualize and analyze just about any kind of data, but it also gives he or she the ability to spatially manipulate any unnoticed trends and patterns. A GIS is not just restricted to just one market application or industry type, rather all businesses can benefit from the use of a GIS. An innovator of GIS products and services is ESRI. They have a wide product line which ranges from spatial analysis to location analytics, to even analyzing Big Data sets. Today, ESRI has announced the launch of some ‘smart mapping apps’ for all Windows-based systems which includes the server, desktop, and even smartphone versions.

Included is the first, commercial Software Development Kit (SDK) for the ArcGIS Platform, designed to be used with the latest Microsoft .NET Framework version.

The ArcGIS is a very powerful tool for creating and accessing maps from any point on the planet. This new, Windows-based SDK complements the other SDK’s designed for the iOS, Mac OS X, Java, and Android platforms. This SDK includes the following features:

  • Online/Offline Mapping;
  • Routing/Geocoding;
  • Data Mapping/visualization;
  • Spatial Analysis/interpretation.

This .NET SDK also supports the XAML and C# programming languages. It can also be used for both the Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 versions.

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