Fiber Lit Buildings are Essential for Your Business

Fiber lit buildings are the best places to locate businesses requiring optimal connectivity because the fiber optic network is already present to tap into. Having fiber or broadband in a building allows companies to access high-speed Internet and broadband connectivity. Businesses can operate much more efficiently with higher speeds and larger bandwidth, which ultimately creates more revenue.

Another advantage of setting up your business in a fiber lit building is that you can easily change your current Internet Service Provider because more often than not, fiber lit buildings have multiple service providers offering a range of high-speed services and bandwidth to the building’s tenants. Getting a connection with better bandwidth becomes easy, as it would likely be already available.

Fiber optic cables can support up to 10 GigE Ethernet connections and with multiplexing of wavelength, numerous gigabit services can be put together into a single optical fiber. However, if you are operating away from fiber lit buildings, then you will not be able to get this fast Ethernet access and traditional broadband networking may be your only option.

GeoTel’s fiber lit buildings product is a great tool to help you choose the next location for your office building or facility that requires high-speed connectivity. Our telecommunications infrastructure data shows which buildings are lit by fiber optics by various service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and more so that you can analyze the merits of one building site over another. Call us at 407.788.8888 for a customized quote for our fiber lit buildings data set.