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Alphabet & SoftBank Want Floating Cell Towers

Alphabet & SoftBank Want Floating Cell Towers

floating cell towersTwo tech giants are being joined with more telecommunications companies for the implementation of floating cell towers.

The parent of Google, Alphabet, and Tokyo-based SoftBank are being joined by telecom companies or telcos worldwide in lobbying efforts to launch floating cell towers. Not to get confused with floating data centers.

What are Floating Cell Towers?

Floating cell towers or flying cell towers are telecommunications equipment that is not connected to a base tower and has the capability to send cellular network signals to earth from extremely high altitudes.

The traditional cell tower also referred to as a cell base or cell site is stationed to the ground and has varying heights and telecom components. The traditional cell tower locations can be located on, “towers, rooftops, water tanks, raw land, billboards, etc.

Floating and flying cell towers are located in the stratosphere or Earth’s upper atmosphere. These sites rely on a balloon connected structure or a drone carrying structure. Both systems rely on solar power.

The reason behind these floating cellular network inventions is to connect users in remote and rural areas, wherein some cases, the actual laying of fiber is unreasonable either due to terrain or costs. Floating cell towers could also be utilized for large outdoor events, such as festivals or the Super Bowl. These towers could also be deployed in the case of natural disasters when cellular network service may be disrupted.

Companies Making A Difference

The two tech giants have smaller divisions focused on these efforts. Alphabet Inc’s Loon focuses on expanding and connecting the internet with stratospheric balloons and SoftBank’s HAPSMobile focuses on solar-powered unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Two companies wanting to provide the world with the internet from above are now being joined by global telcos.

Companies that are joining the two tech giants are Airbus, Bharti Airtel, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia, and Telefonica. However, before floating or flying cell towers can be widely integrated the alliance needs to secure portions of the broadcasting spectrum and establish industry standards and uniformed regulations.

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