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Georgia County Considers GIS Mapping

Georgia County Considers GIS Mapping

GIS (geographic information systems) integrates geographical features of the land or metro area with tabular data to provide an efficient way to dig deeper into data and find solutions to “real world” problems. Through a series of overlaid map layers, a GIS mapping system allows for further analysis of data than what can be seen on the surface of a normal paper map or a map of computer-aided design (CAD).

According to a recent article in the Albany Herald, local officials in Georgia’s Lee County met on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of upgrading to the latest GIS mapping technology. Lee County officials believe that they would be able to make many of their everyday county functions and services more efficient through the use of this type of technology. These functions include more accurate tax collection, better building and zoning, increased public safety, better flood control, and even more accurate insurance rates.

With the visual information offered by GIS mapping, local Lee County officials would be able to respond to emergency needs quicker, especially in the case of flooding, which seems to happen often in the area. “As an example, we could quickly know how many storm drains are in the county and where they are,” said Rick Muggridge, chairman of the Lee County Board of Commissioners. “We would know where all the 911 calls are coming from and what times of the day.”

Although no firm decision was made regarding the implementation of this GIS mapping technology in Lee County, the matter will be discussed further this Wednesday. If your city or metro area is looking into utilizing telecom GIS data such as GIS fiber maps, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172. GeoTel is America’s leading provider of telecom GIS data and has an international reputation for their top-quality, innovative products.

Valerie Stephen