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Google to Integrate Mapping Content into GE’s Smallworld Applications

Google to Integrate Mapping Content into GE’s Smallworld Applications

In an agreement announced last week between Google and GE, Google plans to integrate data from Google Maps into GE’s Smallworld product suite consisting of telecommunications, electrical, and gas applications. GE is a leading provider of geospatial tools and insight, and Google provides a mapping service (Google Maps) used by more than one billion people on a monthly basis.

GE’s Smallworld geospatial applications are used to design and model complex network infrastructures in order to help companies better manage network assets. Integrating rich mapping content from Google Maps with GE’s applications will enhance the existing network visualization and geospatial capabilities by providing out-of-the-box base mapping, as well as increased visualization and analytics capabilities.

“Millions of people are already familiar with Google Maps as seen on their computer screens in the office or on mobile devices in the field. Now we’re able to bring that familiarity to our Smallworld products so that our customers can use a platform that’s completely customized for their assets and networks,” said Bryan Friehauf, product line leader for GE’s Digital Energy business, in an article published in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.

This partnership will ultimately result in increased productivity because GE’s utility customers will be able to provide their end-use customers with vital information, such as outage restoration times, in a more efficient manner.

At GeoTel Communications, our products integrate telecom infrastructure data with geospatial technologies, enabling businesses to accurately analyze data and locate network assets quickly in a spatial, map-like environment.  One of GeoTel’s data sets is named metro fiber maps and is digitized in GIS for cities and then layered onto high-quality street data or aerial imagery. This product is also available in GeoTel’s web based tool used to locate metro and long haul fiber. To order any of GeoTel’s data sets for a particular city or metro area, give GeoTel Communications a call at (800) 277-2172.

Valerie Stephen