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New GIS Based 3-D Instrument

New GIS Based 3-D Instrument

e-Capture Research and Development, SL is located out of Merida, Spain. They are a GIS technology based company, whose primary objective is in the development and innovation of brand new 2D and 3D systems, utilizing very sophisticated techniques from photography and computer vision. At the recent Intergeo Conference held in Germany, e-Capture R & D announced a brand new, 3-Dimensional measuring instrument, which can be used in just about any Tablet technology.

This revolutionary new testing instrument is called the ‘EyesMap.’ With it, one can very easily compute the areas, surfaces, and the coordinates of just about any kind of object in any type of environment. For example, it can scan photographic images of up to four million dots in just two minutes. It also allows you to move, and utilize the concepts of ‘reality visualization’. ‘EyesMap’ makes use of two cameras, a GPS system, as well as a depth sensor.

‘EyesMap’ can be used in both the indoors and the outdoors environment, and can also take 3-Dimensional snapshots of objects which are both static and in motion. It can serve just about every application need, ranging from architecture to forestry to security. It is developed under the Windows platform, and will have the capability for software developers to create their own apps from it.

However ‘EyesMap is still in the prototype phase, and will be available in the marketplace by 2015.

e-Capture Research and Development S.L., is a technology-based company located in Merida (Badajoz), created to specifically develop EyesMap product. Six out of seven of the partnerships of the company are experienced surveyors with more than 10 years working in the sector.

For over a decade, GeoTel Communications has been researching and providing telecommunications data in a GIS or web-based spatial environment to customers across the globe. These integrated datasets are digitized onto the highest quality street data and aerial imagery available, providing companies and government entities with the leverage and insight necessary to make informed location based and fiscally sound decisions.

Valerie Stephen