How Do Lit Buildings Affect Smaller Companies?

lit buildingsCompanies like AT&T dominate the 2018 United States List for Fiber Lit Building Providers, but smaller companies are starting to make waves.

Data center provider 123Net has recently announced a major milestone for the company in making headway towards the telecom giants in the lit buildings sector. The Network Development Director, Chuck Irvin, released to Mi Tech News that they have lit their 1000th building with fiber. This time last year the company had just lit its 600th building, showing how quickly they are developing to grab their share of the market. This exciting news brings a new player onto the playing field and effects the building as well.

Effects on the Building

When a new data provider has thrown a hat into the ring with lighting the building with fiber it can affect the building by attracting high-tech tenants. The tenants that reside there currently can receive the benefits of lower prices from provider competition. Tenants can also benefit from having a back-up internet in the case that their main provider’s connection fails. The addition of fiber lit buildings can also impact local technology and other companies.

Lit Building Assets

More options for connections and stronger connections can directly translate to better technology or at least more high-functioning technology locally. This can help technology to grow and evolve. When smaller companies can play a role in helping connect consumers it can allow for a more hands-on experience. Smaller local-based companies complete the work themselves versus out-of-state subcontractors. When users utilize smaller companies, they are also putting back into the local economy.

Leveraging fiber assets can benefit a multitude of companies. Bigger companies can work hand in hand with the smaller companies and utilize the fiber being laid by the local companies. The larger company can benefit from the fixed cost of laying dark fiber, the smaller company get compensated, and the consumer receives a great connection. Smaller companies have more opportunity to lay fiber between major community hubs, such as police departments or school buildings. This allows for greater economic connectivity and in some cases more control over security.

Local Data

Smaller companies generally connect with more local data centers and in most cases, this translates to high security. The reasons behind the strength of local can be the following:

  • Access that is 24/7
  • Personal checks on your own data
  • Ability to check the data center’s hardware
  • Building relationships face-to-face with data providers
  • Local network access

Having a distant data provider that may provide fiber for your lit building is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are definitely benefits to local companies. In some cases, being supported by telecom giants can relate to lower prices and company security in the sheer power force of the business.

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Author: Valerie Stephen