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Mobile Internet Access Causes Feud between Telecom Providers and ISPs

Mobile Internet Access Causes Feud between Telecom Providers and ISPs

We live in an era where almost every decision we make is based upon convenience. Whether you are deciding where to eat dinner or which route to take to work, the best choice is usually the most convenient one. It’s the same story with your Internet usage.

If while you’re out and about you need to search the Internet for something, you’ll most likely use your mobile device to access the Internet right then and there, rather than waiting until you get home to use your desktop computer to search the web.  Sometimes even in your own home you’ll use your mobile device to access the Internet because it’s simply more convenient.

It is evident how technology is constantly evolving the way we do even the simplest tasks, but have you thought about how this same technology is creating more intense competition for Internet Service Providers? With more people using mobile devices to access the Internet, telecom companies have in turn earned a bigger slice of the Internet market, placing these telecom companies in intense competition with Internet Service Providers.

Internet providers are getting frustrated at mobile providers because they believe they are hoarding their spectrum. Conflicts over spectrum usage have resulted, mainly regarding the 3.5MHz frequency, which focuses on high-speed internet connections. Internet providers are saying that a few major telecom providers have an undeserved advantage through satellite companies that own spectrum but don’t use all of their resources.

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Valerie Stephen