Data Centers

GeoTel’s Data Center dataset is a robust derivative of the Fiber Lit Buildings dataset, featuring thousands of data center locations across North America. This dataset provides attributes such as the name of service providers within the data center, building address, and equipment type.

Power, Security, Connectivity

Data centers are vital facilities for telecommunications storage systems and associated components. These facilities boast redundant or backup power supplies, data communications connections, environmental controls (including air conditioning and fire suppression), and security devices.

Large data centers operate at an industrial scale, utilizing electricity equivalent to a small town. Equipped with ample space, cutting-edge technology, and bandwidth, these centers cater to retail customers who cross-connect their equipment to various telecommunications carriers and network service providers within the facility.

Data center with attribute data such as telecom provider, CBSA, and more

Benefits of Data Centers

  • Telecommunications service providers gain insights into potential obstacles and opportunities for data centers in specific areas during network planning
  • Internet service providers can locate data centers for scaling cloud storage and data storage solutions
  • Leverage competitive analysis to determine network presence of service providers within a data center
  • Urban planning and economic developers can utilize data center locations to determine the network capacity and availability of service within an area
  • Real estate companies gain insight into the availability of service providers available in a targeted location for appropriate property appraisals and property value research

Inside the Heart of Data Centers

GeoTel’s Data Center location data offers strategic insights into the evolving landscape of data infrastructure. Request a demo to explore how GeoTel can empower your decision-making process and enhance connectivity solutions. GeoTel—Where Insights Meet Connectivity.

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