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Save Your Company Money & Discover Recent Fiber Optic Updates

Save Your Company Money & Discover Recent Fiber Optic Updates

recent fiber optic updatesVarious industries can benefit from telecommunications location-based data such as recent fiber optic updates to the infrastructure. Your company can save money by adopting this data into its day-to-day operations.

There are very few things that are certain in recent times. Some companies have employees working from home in the meantime, some are working from home indefinitely. The stock market is more volatile than ever with more and more companies filing for bankruptcy. With little to be sure of, the one constant you can count on is that the telecommunications industry is becoming essential for business every day. One thing that makes high-speed internet possible for those working from home is the recent fiber optic updates to the telecom infrastructure.

Examples of Recent Fiber Optic Updates

Alaska’s Telecom Upgrade

The Alaskan telecommunications infrastructure has posed connectivity challenges in the past. Being a remote frigid state, it has taken time for it to have successful updates as easily as “the below 48.” Due to the landscape, Alaska has relied independently on submarine cables which can be extremely vulnerable to earthquakes.

To combat vulnerability and connectivity issues, “A subsidiary of Matanuska Telephone Association has finished construction of the first overland fiber-optic cable connecting Alaska to the Outside.” This addition to the fiber optic landscape of Alaska brings promise to growth capabilities for businesses.


A broadband communications provider, Sparklight, will be making significant improvements to the Texan fiber-optic network offerings, especially in cities like Longview.

Longview Mayor Andy Mack commented on the following “This is an exciting development for our city’s residents and businesses… We appreciate the significant investment the Sparklight team is making to bring additional options for high-speed internet service and ultimately strengthening Longview’s infrastructure with this all fiber-optic network.

How to Save Your Company Money

Dedicated telecom companies are working hard to provide uncertain businesses across the United States with connectivity. Knowing the telecommunications infrastructure can save your company time and money. Learn what your company can use the telecom data for here.

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