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Telecom Datasets of New York City

Telecom Datasets of New York City

telecom datasetsFinding telecom datasets for New York City can be challenging. Read this article to find the easiest way to access the data you need.

New York City is a concrete jungle of flashy entertainment, delectable food, and an increasing number of technology companies. New York thrives off of its telecommunications scene. Most companies will need to or already need to know the city’s telecom datasets for various reasons. Whether a new tech start-up is seeking a well-placed headquarters or a network provider is attempting to stomp out the competition, telecom information is essential in highly dense urban areas.

Telecom Infrastructure of New York City

Components of the telecom system do not vary much from city to city. However, New York City consists of a lot of communications ecosystems and a vast number of businesses. The components that make up the New York telecom scene are as follows.

  • Cell sites
  • High-rise buildings
  • Low-rise buildings
  • Colocation hotels (central facility for traffic exchange)
  • Local exchange carrier central offices
  • Wireless backhaul central offices
  • Cable head-end facilities
  • Fiber cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Copper cables
  • And more…

There are other aspects that make up various telecom datasets for New York such as wireless broadband, wire center boundaries, etc. An example of these components working together could be seen with the following progression. A cell phone contacts a cell site and a conduit takes the signal to a central office, then to a colocation hotel, then to a cable headend facility to travel via telephone wire into a residence’s home to a landline telephone.

Locating Specific Telecom Datasets

New York City is so densely populated and developed that certain buildings have their own zip codes. If an entire building can have its own zip code – just imagine how many service providers the building could have or how many fiber lit buildings are located on a single block. The metropolitan area of New York is so densified with telecom fiber that maps of the entire city can be barely distinguishable. Fortunately, there is a way to get specific, clear, and accurate telecom data.

The experts at GeoTel Communications has been allocating telecommunications location-based data for over 20 years now. They can provide the largest telecom database of New York City available. Not only is the company have full access to New York, but its data expands coast to coast.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen