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The Greater Bay Area and Its Hidden Fiber Optic Map

The Greater Bay Area and Its Hidden Fiber Optic Map

hidden fiber optic mapIf you take a Birdseye view of the Greater Bay Area, it will showcase big business and a booming economy. But, what about the unseen map or the hidden fiber optic map of the Greater Bay Area?

Whether you live in or near the Greater Bay Area or if you are trying to locate your company there, it will be beneficial to know the hidden fiber optic map of this area. It will also be helpful to know about the fiber lit buildings and other telecom data sets within the region.

Within the Greater Bay Area lies the famous Silicone Valley and where some of the biggest businesses call home. Apple Inc., Chevron, Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., and much more occupy this California nook. However, it is not just home to big business, it also houses some very important family-owned organizations. Some family-owned businesses in this area include Levi Strauss & Co., Amy’s Kitchen, and more.

There are booming business and tech galore in this Californian corner, so it is essential to know about the hidden fiber optic map of the Bay Area.

Hidden Fiber Optic Map – CA

The California Greater Bay Area is home to over 6 area codes and a dense forest of terrestrial broadband. There is also a hefty amount of broadband wireless as most of the big businesses rely heavily on this feature to collaborate and communicate.

An interesting fact about this area is that the fiber optic map reveals that most of the data centers are located off of or near the actual San Francisco Bay. This can be for a variety of reasons. For example, Digital Realty is a company that owns a few of the data centers in this area. With a pledge to stay sustainable, it practices cooling techniques that reduce its carbon footprint. Most of its data centers use the transportation of fluids to cool its machinery.

The area is also home to a copious amount of cell towers, fiber lit buildings, dense fiber routes, more wire centers than area code boundaries, and some key telecom players. Two telecom carriers that have the high presence in this area are Zayo Group and AT&T. In fact, “the Bay Area represents one of Zayo’s most extensive metro dark fiber footprints encompassing 1,500 route miles.”

Access the Hidden Fiber Optic Map

Knowing what types of telecommunications data exists in the Greater Bay Area is interesting. However, without knowing the exact locations or providers, the information is simply trivial. If you or your company could benefit from knowing where exact fiber routes are located or where the most fiber lit buildings are, then contact the experts at GeoTel today and discover the hidden fiber landscape.

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen