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The Latest Results from AT&T Expansion Plans

The Latest Results from AT&T Expansion Plans

Just a few weeks ago it was announced that AT&T was starting to launch aggressive plans for market expansion. It was noted that the company intended to take its time with it, as they were trying to segment certain geographic areas and industries.  A few days ago, AT&T just released some public notices as to how this particular expansion was going.

Allow us to provide you with the details. They have just completed installing fiber cable into over new 950,000 buildings from within its own wireline division.  The ultimate goal, according to their expansion plan, is to have all of this installed into well over one million buildings.

In fact, according to AT&T CFO, John Stephens, “We continue to drive fiber deeper into our wireline network and we have deployed fiber to 950,000 business locations . . . as you can see in our business results, we’re just beginning to tap this growth opportunity.”  (SOURCE:

So far, the new products and services that have been offered have been well accepted by both existing and new customers.  For example, revenues have increased to almost $18 billion, which represents a solid growth rate of 1.2%.  The other offerings, such as VPN, Ethernet, cloud, hosting, IP conferencing, VoIP, MIS over Ethernet, U-verse and security services have helped revenues to also increase to almost $3 billion. This, too, represents a staggering growth rate of 12.6%.

Other notable growth statistics:

  • The company added 20,000 high-speed IP U-Verse broadband business subscribers, to date.
  • Twenty six thousand domestic DIRECTV net additions and 192,000 IP broadband net additions were also achieved. This resulted in a total of over 25 million new video subscribers being added here in the United States.
  • The latest earnings per share (EPS) numbers revealed them to be .69 cents per share, with overall revenues pegged at well over $40 billion.

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Valerie Stephen