The Telecom Forecasts for 2016

As we approach the New Year of 2016, there is one thing we know for sure:  The race to the White House and the upcoming presidential elections will be show stopper, not just here in the United States, but in the rest of the world, as well.

Given the heated competitiveness among all of the candidates, this one will be a nail biter for sure and, perhaps, even more so than the 2000 Presidential Election.  But, no matter who is elected to the office, the federal government will always be the biggest customer for the telecom industry.

This is best illustrated by last week’s announcement by the Department of Defense’s Defense (DoD) Information Systems Agency DISA) telecom competition.  In it, contracts of up to $4.3 billion will be awarded to both telecom and cable carriers.  In fact, the “biggest of the big” will also be participating, which includes the likes of AT&T, CenturyLink, Level 3, and Verizon Business.

The ultimate aim of awarding these contracts is to develop and implement solutions which will meet the transmission requirements for the DoD brand new enterprise-level infrastructure.

Interestingly enough, a major part of the work to be carried out under these contracts is outside of the United States.  The first contracts to be awarded will be valued at $500 million, and will escalate upwards, depending upon future requirements.

However, getting one of these lucrative contracts from the federal government will be a very difficult and time consuming task.  In fact, it is highly expected that it will be the big telecom giants (as described above) who will get the first nod.  Not only this, but they will also get first dibs for any international work to be done, as well.

Don’t discount the other telecom vendors, though.  One lesser known one that goes by the name of GTT could make some serious headway.  For example, not only do they operate just as a virtual network provider, but they are also reportedly primed for some future merger and acquisition activity which includes One Source Networks, and the managed service business of MegaPath.

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