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How You Can Utilize Carrier Network Maps

How You Can Utilize Carrier Network Maps

carrier network mapsThere is a multitude of telecommunications carriers that are regulated by various agencies internationally. These companies operate on carrier network maps which disclose the infrastructure that belongs to the telecom service provider, i.e., AT&T, Verizon, etc. Why do these maps pertain to you or your company?

Carrier networks consist of complex, vast compilations of communication services and hardware that serve an array of geographical areas. These networks consist of the transmitting equipment for your telephone, television, computers, internet broadband, and mobile devices. These networks transmit copious amounts of data across great distances and allow all of your telecommunication devices to work properly. The backbone of these networks generally consists of fiber optics. These networks are extremely important for the overall communication infrastructure in a country.

The Most Advanced Carrier Network Maps Platform

GeoTel is able to provide the advanced, sensitive data pertaining to carrier network maps with their accompanying current service markets. These maps can benefit you or your company by being able to:

  • Examine your carrier coverage area and its coordinating strengths and weaknesses
  • Decipher competitors in their respective network service districts
  • Recruit new business via studying and displaying the other carriers in a specific service area
  • Conduct marketing analysis and comparisons

Other carrier network maps can show a certain extent of coverage but not nearly as detailed as that of GeoTel. According to Opensignal, carrier strengths vary from brand to brand, but they each have their strengths. The coverage seen currently on the carrier network map is expanding more and more in 2019.

Map Expansion

The United States has four main operating network providers; AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. On June 27, 2019, AT&T illuminated Las Vegas with 5g connectivity, making it the 20th city to get this advanced network.

Although 5g is supposed to cover the city entirely, the company stated that there will still be parts missing from coverage due to the need of more satellites in space and hardware in the city. On the same day, Verizon announced connecting Denver to its 5g – making the city it’s third for the company. Sprint has claimed Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, and Houston as its four cities to be connected with their 5g. Sprint also claims it will connect five more cities in the upcoming weeks. T-Mobile has announced six cities to have their 5g coverage, with the inclusion of Las Vegas the day after AT&T.

T-Mobile is the only company taking a straightforward approach. Whereas the other companies have been secretive about their 5g buildout, T-Mobile is making its 5g coverage carrier network map public. Where T-Mobile’s map is taking a stand, there is still only one company you can turn to for across the board carrier coverage. GeoTel Communications is proud to be the number one leader in location-based data on various aspects of telecom infrastructure, such as carrier network maps. If you would like to learn more about this data, request your free demo today!

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