A New GIS Firm Set to Reach Horizons

A New GIS Firm Set to Reach Horizons

telecom datasetsA majority of the GIS companies we have profiled previously just offer products and services which stems from their core competencies, or what they do best. Very few of them have actually ventured out into other GIS market-based opportunities to explore and tap into new customer bases.

One company that actually does this is known as “Unique Places, LLC.” They are land conservation, restoration, and management company, headquartered out of Durham, NC, with another office based in Albuquerque, NM. The company relies on maps and GIS in almost every aspect of their work.

Their GIS product and service offerings are grouped into the following categories:

  • Mapping. This includes conservation plans, creating maps of real estate properties, as well as creating trail and habitat restoration plans.
  • Cartography. This service involves the creation of specific maps for projects, businesses, and organizations.
  • GIS Services. This category includes products to help solve complex spatial issues that customers are currently experiencing, using the latest GIS-based analytical techniques.
  • Online Map Viewer Services. With this, customized maps can be developed and created. Maps can be hosted on their servers, as well. The online map viewers can be accessed from any IT platform as well as from any Web browser (which includes both closed source and open source ones).

Just this past week, Unique Places announced the launch of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, “Unique Places GIS & Design.” The goal of this new business entity is not only to enhance upon the service offerings described above, but also to further expand its market reach into the natural resource, human community services, transportation, and logistics segments.

Apart from this, Unique Places is planning to take its expertise and expand into the GIS design market. This involves not just creating new maps, but extrapolating that into the development of aesthetic looking and pleasing designs for the customer.

According to Michael Scisco, the Director at Unique Places, “We’re a one-stop-shop for those looking for a fully integrated blend of GIS and design services. If you look at the current GIS and design landscape of service providers, there are few GIS shops that provide comprehensive design services and there are even fewer design shops that have geospatial and technical expertise.”

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Valerie Stephen