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Alaskan Fiber Updates: A New Submarine Cable

Alaskan Fiber Updates: A New Submarine Cable

Alaskan Fiber Submarine CableThe Alaskan fiber landscape and telecommunications industry are gearing up for a major upgrade as a new submarine cable is set to connect the communities of Cordova and Seward. This exciting development is expected to boost broadband connectivity in Southcentral Alaska and improve internet speeds, reliability, and access for both residents and businesses in the area.

Cordova Telecom Cooperative (CTC) is the organization behind the new project, and they recently announced the selection of a contractor to build the submarine cable. The company chose SubCom, a global leader in submarine cable systems, to design, manufacture, and install the fiber-optic cable that will run under the ocean floor and connect Cordova to Seward.

This new subsea cable is a significant upgrade from the existing microwave and satellite technology that currently provides internet connectivity to Cordova. The old system is unreliable and expensive, and many residents and businesses struggle with slow speeds and poor connections.

The new submarine cable will deliver significantly faster internet speeds, allowing for faster downloads and uploads, smoother video streaming, and improved online gaming experiences. The cable will also be more reliable than the current system, reducing the risk of service interruptions and downtime.

The project is expected to cost around $50 million, with funding coming from a variety of sources, including grants and loans from state and federal agencies. CTC is confident that the investment will pay off in the long run, as it will provide a significant boost to the local economy by attracting new businesses and supporting existing ones.

The subsea cable is also expected to benefit the region’s healthcare and education sectors, as it will allow for better access to telemedicine and distance learning services. This is particularly important in a state as vast and remote as Alaska, where access to healthcare and education can be a challenge for many communities. The new subsea cable is expected to be operational by the end of 2024, with the potential to expand and connect to other communities in the future. It’s an exciting development for the Alaskan telecommunications industry and a significant step forward for the region’s broadband connectivity.

In conclusion, the Alaskan fiber updates regarding the new subsea cable connecting Cordova and Seward is a significant development that will bring faster, more reliable internet connectivity to the region. It’s a much-needed upgrade from the current system and will benefit residents, businesses, healthcare providers, and educators alike. With the support of state and federal funding, the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024 and has the potential to expand to other communities in the future. Contact GeoTel to receive the most up-to-date Submarine Cables and Landing Data today!

Valerie Stephen