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Announcing the Release of Maptitude 2015

Announcing the Release of Maptitude 2015

Caliper Corporation, based out of Newton, MA, is a pioneer in both the creation and the development of GIS and transportation based software.  Their products are equally supported with technical service, applications and training, GIS database development, and customization per customer requirements.

The company has three product offerings to the GIS market, the TransCad, the TransModeler, and Maptitude. Let’s take a look at each:

The TransCad. This is the only GIS based software designed to specifically serve the transportation industry.  Some of the applications of this software include transportation planning, facilities management, as well the logistics related to public transportation.  It can also be used also for operations management and the routing and scheduling of vehicles.  TransCad has been around for a long time, it was first released in 1988.

The TransModeler. This particular software is used for traffic planning and the modeling of different types of scenarios.  It simulates road networks from all over the world, and has the capabilities to analyze in deep detail multimodal networks with exceptional resolution.  To do all of this, the TransModeler uses the most advanced mathematical algorithms. It can also analyze electronic toll collection booths, and traffic detectors.

Maptitude. This is one of the most powerful GIS mapping software tools designed specifically for the Windows OS environment.  It is used primarily for the sophisticated analyses of data and geographic visualization.  Included with this software bundle is a comprehensive set of both nationwide and worldwide maps, as well as census based demographics.

Just recently, the company announced some exciting new features, as well as enhancements in the newest release of Maptitude (known as Maptitude 2015).  It includes:

  1. Street addresses and postal codes;
  2. Improved analytics and reporting features which include exports to both Microsoft Excel and the Adobe PDF Reader;
  3. It contains over 32 GIS chart configurations, from which one can easily create 2D and 3D charts;
  4. Integration with both Google Maps and Microsoft MapPoint.

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Valerie Stephen