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A Brand New GIS Mapping Tool for the Salesperson

A Brand New GIS Mapping Tool for the Salesperson

geotel telecom gis dataFor the salesperson, there are many technological tools that are needed.  These include the Smartphone, an iPad, and a map of their sales territory.  Rather than using the traditional map and pin tacks to view and plan out a sales strategy, a new GIS-based software solution has been released by MarketMAPS.

MarketMAPS is headquartered out of Wellsboro, PA. They offer mapping solutions for a wide variety of applications.  These include U.S. maps, customized maps, wall maps, Canadian maps, and postal maps.

With this new software, businesses of all sizes and industries can “. . . create, analyze, realign, and optimize sales territories.”  (SOURCE: ).

In other words, this new tool gives sales managers the ability to define sales boundaries using the most recent geographic and demographic data.

Some of the features in this new software package include:

Customized Territory Boundaries. Sales territories can be created and reset with just a few clicks of the mouse.

It consists of real-time GIS-based data. Business entities and organizations now have the ability to migrate their existing databases into a brand new portal, which consists of the latest postal, geographic, demographic, and location data.

Site and Market Analysis. A salesperson can very quickly and efficiently get an analytical perspective of the specific locations of their customer base.

Digital Map Optimization. Sales managers can now effectively mark their territories on a large scale map, which is very easy to see and perceptually understandable.  It can also be updated in real-time as well.

The benefits of using this new software are the successful management of sales territories, increased sales force productivity, and the identification of the location for the most profitable sales opportunities.  As MarketMAPS promises “On target, on time: you get what you need when you need it.”

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Valerie Stephen