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Cell Tower Antennas Assist in Accelerating 5G Deployment

Cell Tower Antennas Assist in Accelerating 5G Deployment

Cell Tower AntennasAs the world embraces 5G, the telecom industry must keep up with demand. Cell Tower Antennas and their evolution are assisting companies with meeting this demand.

In an effort to accelerate 5G adaption, certain telecoms are offering cell tower antennas that provide a quick and easy way to operate within this network.

CommScope Cell Tower Antennas

CommScope is offering new antenna solutions for cell tower sites. These new offerings are enabling 5g adoption in a fast and easy way.

C-Band Antennas – The FCC recently enabled a broader portion of the C-Band spectrum to assist with 5g expansions. CommScope’s C-Band antennae solutions provide a multi-band antenna to support active or passive c-band functionality. Other adaptive solutions include CBRS Base Station Antennas, 360 Wind Load Reduction Design, and 700 MHZ Customizable Containers.

Joe Madden, Founder and Chief Analyst for Mobile Experts stated that “The industry faces a major challenge in C-band deployment, as multi-band antennas that cover existing LTE bands and new 5G bands have been extremely large… The operators are looking for solutions that shrink the size of a multi-band antenna for C-band site upgrades.

5G Cell Towers

Implementing 5G-enabled cell towers is essential for network build-out. These specific cell towers can boost signals by ten times the speed of the 4G network. Even though the towers can reach high frequencies, it is also more challenging for the waves to travel through objects and across long distances. This is where telecoms need to step up to offer more solutions for the cell tower antennas.

Some consumers posed worry of these radically increasing cell towers could negatively affect the public’s health. These concerns were tested and proved to be relatively harmless. Other consumers did not like the visual aspect of cell towers in neighborhoods and in nature itself. Fortunately, companies are coming together to meet the public concerns and provide realistic solutions for telecom operators to adapt to the 5g network quickly and efficiently.

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Valerie Stephen