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Cell Towers: How They Could Affect You

Cell Towers: How They Could Affect You

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The number of high functioning cell towers needs to dramatically increase as America gears up to transition to 5g connectivity. These new additions to the telecommunications infrastructure come with benefits, but could they be harmful to your health?

Benefits of Cell Towers

One of the main reasons for the new additions of cell towers is that they will help improve service. This improvement will make for quicker connections and better communication, which could lead to boosts in local businesses due to the companies having quicker check out times, website speed, and information exchange.

In some cases, the land could become more valuable due to the faster connection. The locations of these cellular towers could also create a long-term profitable income. If the towers are placed on business buildings, said business would not only make an immediate installment from the telecom company. These benefits can be very attractive to landowners, but at what cost do they come?

Educational Concerns

According to The Denver Channel, Denver public schools are facing an intense backlash from people in their communities. There are countless schools in the area that have agreed in exchange for an installation payment and a tower lease, they will place these new 5g cell towers on the school grounds or the building itself. The schools get an immediate payment and better service, so why are parents upset?

Some parents claim that there has not been enough long-standing research compiled against the effects of radiation emitted from these towers, especially on young developing bodies. The parents are not the only ones uncomfortable with the developing situation. The teachers and some of the staff have raised concerns about spending half of their day in the radiation year after year.

Residents Rise Against Rising Towers

In Wichita, Kansas there are concerns other than the schooling system. The city is being sued by a telecom giant for constant hurdles to their installations of new cell towers. The local government says they do not want the new infrastructure because it will negatively affect their historical district. Additionally, in Baton Rouge, residents are also opposed to the towers being installed. Not only did they receive a little warning before some towers were already erected, but there are health concerns, and residents also find the towers to be visually unappealing.


As a compromise, there have been odd-looking trees “planted” in Spokane, Washington – except they are not really trees at all. The green luscious landscape of Washington state has prompted residents to be skeptical against any unnatural structures. Telecom companies are now partnering with companies such as Larson Camouflage, to help disguise cell towers. In the Spokane area, they have created faux tree coverings to help the towers blend into the natural environment. There are other camouflage plans for more dry or urban environments. As for the health effects, most companies stand strong against the fact that there has been researched completed and they strongly believe that the radiation from cell towers poses no health threat to those in its path. Regardless of where these cell towers are prevented or accepted, you can count on GeoTel to provide you with advanced location-based cell tower data.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen