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Comcast to Expand Market Share in New England

Comcast to Expand Market Share in New England

Comcast is the cable giant of the United States and its appetite seems to be growing all the time.  Right now it’s eyeing the Vermont market with plans to offer fiber-based, Ethernet services in communities located throughout Bennington County.  The bandwidth on this new offering is a blazing fast 10Gbps.

The target markets for this Ethernet service include, small to medium sized businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations Comcast is also targeting those specific entities that have unique networking needs, such as linking multiple office locations; or seeking access to the vast IT resources of a third party data center.  While the actual Vermont market share may pale in comparison to other, larger markets, such as Massachusetts, there is still a growing demand amongst SMB’s with multiple office locations for the efficiency and effectiveness of an Ethernet based, network infrastructure.

For instance, according to Paul Savas of Comcast Business, Vermont “ we’re also finding that those multi-location consumers that would rather have a more secure Ethernet-based WAN as opposed having a VPN network run off of modems.” (SOURCE):

The three main competitors for Comcast in the Vermont market include, Level 3, FairPoint, and First Light Fiber. The primary advantage that Comcast will have here is its ability to route network traffic across different paths providing a guaranteed level of redundancy for the SMB.

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