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ExteNet Systems Set to Acquire Hudson Fiber Network

ExteNet Systems Set to Acquire Hudson Fiber Network

by Sarah Pereau | 04 Jun 2018

ExteNet Systems recently announced an agreement to acquire Hudson Fiber Networks (HFN).

ExteNet Systems, a leading owner and operator of distributed networks, will expand their high-capacity fiber network in New York and New Jersey through the agreement to Hudson Fiber Networks. This is excellent, as the value of fiber assets continues to increase in large metro areas such as New York City. They state that they “plan to leverage the core competencies of both companies to offer customers an expanded portfolio of carrier and enterprise solutions.”

ExteNet Systems already has an expansive fiber footprint in New York City. Their distributed network coverage includes in Manhattan, Central Park, and Bryant Park, among others. Their existing infrastructure, along with the new acquisition of fiber from Hudson Fiber Networks will provide even more scaling and design flexibility to national carriers who lease the infrastructure.

According to Brett Diamond, CEO of Hudson Fiber Network, “ExteNet’s fiber strategy aligns with our own vision. ExteNet’s extensive network and financial and operational resources will help accelerate expansion into key markets across the United States.”

Through Hudson Fiber Network, ExteNet Systems will have approximately 30,000 operational nodes or nodes under construction throughout the country at the close of the acquisition in late 2018.

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Valerie Stephen