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Four VoIP Patents Awarded To Vonage

Four VoIP Patents Awarded To Vonage

As we wrap up a long Thanksgiving weekend and now head into the official Christmas shopping season, the major telecom carriers will no doubt be offering many deals and enticing offers to get customers to sign up.  One such giant that just might do this is Vonage.  It was just recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Vonage with four, brand new patents.  They are as follows:

1)      US Patent No. 8,897,177 entitled:  ‘Systems and Methods of Conducting Conference Calls’
With this patent, the users of Vonage can now set their phones to conference mode.  This gives them the ability to add incoming calls automatically to conference calls, while they are in progress.  Users can also disable this feature.

2)      US Patent No. 8,892,748 entitled: ‘Systems and Methods for Enabling Data Communications to a Telephony Device’
This patent allows for the development of a brand new, power efficient battery, designed primarily for Smartphones.  This new battery will allow the Smartphone to take advantage of VoIP based services, even when the end user is not using their wireless device.  The advantage of this is that the Smartphone will be automatically activated with VoIP services the moment a call comes through.

3)      US Patent No. 8,879,476 entitled:  ‘Method and Apparatus for Performing Network Registration’
Under this patent, a VoIP Service Provider (like Vonage) can now ascertain the current IP address of a VoIP end user.

4)      US Patent No. 8,885,748 entitled:  ‘Systems and Methods of Improving the Quality of VoIP Communications’
With this patent, a VoIP Service Provider will now have the ability to detect when an end user’s VoIP based device may have trouble registering with the Service Provider’s network. As a result, the device will reboot itself automatically in order to reestablish the wireless connection.

The goal of these latest patents is not to only improve the current levels of customer service, but also give Vonage the ability to tap into the Small to Medium Sized (SMB) business market here in the United States; and also reach international markets such as Europe and Brazil.

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Valerie Stephen