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How GIS Can Help Improve Your Golf Swing

How GIS Can Help Improve Your Golf Swing

Well, as we get into the month of March, you’ll notice the weather is getting warmer and the days are actually getting longer.  With this change in the environment comes more outdoor activities, family outings, picnics, etc.  

But, there is one venue that will receive a lot of attendance:  the golf course.  Yes, everybody is trying to improve their game, as well as their chipping and putting capabilities.

Believe it or not, the concepts of GIS can be used to help you to improve your swing.  A well-known vendor—Bluesky—has created an innovative software package which makes use of both high resolution aerial photography and 3D terrain maps, in order for you to get a better feel for the golf course. 

These maps and images are then available for download by another vendor, known as Creative Golf Design. 

The information and data that is provided by Bluesky is also used to illustrate changes in the golf terrain, as well as the location of existing features, such as boundaries, vegetation, and woodland areas.

According to Ken Moodie, Managing Director of Creative Golf Design, “The Bluesky aerial photographs provide a map-accurate base for our proposals and a real world context for our drawings . . . this not only improves our understanding of the site, informing the design, but also helps us communicate our design ideas to our clients. Using CAD software to manipulate LiDAR data, we are also able to produce a detailed 3D model and contouring of a development site, or existing golf course, on which we can overlay our design proposals.”  (SOURCE:

It should be noted that, at this time, this service is only available in the United Kingdom.  However, there are plans to extend this offering to the United States market very soon.  Until then, happy golfing!!!

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Valerie Stephen