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The Latest Version Of The ‘ADC WorldMap Digtal Map’

The Latest Version Of The ‘ADC WorldMap Digtal Map’

The ADC WorldMap is a division of the American Digital Cartography, Inc., which offers many unique and cutting edge solutions for the GIS Industry. For instance, this company offers a very detailed, digital map full of geographic information and data for the entire globe. ADC also offers other GIS based services such as Asset Tracking, Geomarketing, Map Reporting Services, and much more for the end user.

Just recently, they have announced the latest version for their worldwide digital map, and it is called the ‘ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas v7.1.’. This new GIS Software package comes with two new, cutting edge features: 1) The World Seas; and 2) The World Coastlines.

The World Seas functionality models and represents the seas of the world as polygons, for easier visualization. The World Coastlines functionality displays all of the coastlines of the world, separated by each, individual country.

With these two new features added into the software package, it now contains 42 extra layers and tables for the GIS professional. Other new features in this software also include:

  • The political boundaries for all of the countries in the world;
  • Population updates from 112 countries;
  • The addition of 2,300 global parks.

The ADC Worldmap serves a wide range of applications which include the airline industry, weather stations, and fleet and logistics companies. This new mapping software is available in three different formats:

  • Esri;
  • MapInfo;
  • Oracle Spatial.

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