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Blue Marble Offers GIS in French

Blue Marble Offers GIS in French

In the world of technology, there is one truth:  that is, it impacts everybody and across all geographic areas of the world.  Take, for example, smartphone technology.  Although the origination of smartphone technology happened here in the United States, the technology has spread worldwide, to unprecedented levels never seen before.  We are now seeing even the most remote populations using the Smartphone, ranging from the cold of Siberia to the most desolate deserts in the Middle East and India.

But, no matter who is using the technology, it must be compatible to work in that geographic region.  For instance, if an iPhone is being used in Swaziland, it must have that same level of language compatibility.  The same can also be said of GIS technology as well.

This type of tool is also used worldwide, and thus, it must have language compatibility capabilities as well.  One such GIS vendor which is making their products and services foreign language compatible is known as “Blue Marble Geographics”.  They offer numerous services such as:

  • GIS data conversion;
  • Software Development Kits in order to create customized applications;
  • Low-cost land surveying;
  • 3D analysis;
  • Coordinate transformation;
  • GPS services.

Just last week, Blue Marble announced that its latest software product, the “Global Mapper”, is now available in the French language.  Other language compatibilities include the following:

  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • English

The Global Mapper is an established product line that has been around for the last 10 years or so.  Its main appeal to customers is that it is low cost, yet just as effective as other compatible GIS software which is more expensive.  It’s menus, windows, and dialog boxes have literally been translated and reformatted into the local languages in which it will be subsequently used.  Also, the end user documentation has been fully translated into the local language as well.

According to Patrick Cunningham, the President at Blue Marble, “While many non-English speakers have learned to adapt their GIS operations to work in English, we understand that productivity is significantly improved when the software is available in their native language. For this reason, we will continue to work with our partners to release additional language versions of Global Mapper.”  (SOURCE:

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Valerie Stephen