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Level 3 Communications takes the Top Spot

Level 3 Communications takes the Top Spot

There is nothing like a good competition.  It usually brings out the best in us and, most importantly, when we do technically lose a contest, there is always something to be learned from it that can be applied in the future.  This is true of all types and kinds of contests.  It does not matter the industry in which the event occurs, everybody–including businesses and corporations–can benefit.

This is best exemplified in the telecom industry.  One of the most recent competitions to take place was the 2014 U.S. Competitive Provider Ethernet Leaderboard.  It was sponsored by the Vertical System Group.  Not surprisingly, Level 3 Communications took the top spot in this challenge.  It has far surpassed XO, Cogent, Zayo, and other telecom giants.

The primary reason cited for the run-up to the top by Level 3 Communications was its recent acquisition of an entity known as “tw telecom.”  Despite this purchase, many of the major telecoms have also experienced a significant growth rate in their Ethernet-based businesses.

For example, according to Rick Malone, a principal at the Vertical Systems Group,  “While the Level 3 acquisition of tw telecom garnered a lot of industry attention, most companies in this segment substantially grew their Ethernet businesses to gain market share in 2014.”  (SOURCE:

To quantify this, Cogent’s revenue derived from Ethernet-based products and services in 2014 was $71.3 million, up eight percent from the previous year.  On the same note, Zayo’s Ethernet-based revenues were $323.9 million, up four percent from the prior year.

The Vertical Systems Group also sees explosive Ethernet growth in 18 other major telecoms, as well. These include:

  • Alpheus Communications
  • American Telesis
  • Birch Communications
  • EarthLink Business
  • Global Cloud Xchange
  • LS Networks
  • Lumos Networks
  • MegaPath
  • Sprint
  • TelePacific
  • Telstra
  • US Signal

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Valerie Stephen