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Mapping the 2018 Winter Olympics Using GIS

Mapping the 2018 Winter Olympics Using GIS

by Sarah Pereau | 20 Feb 2018

Mapping and spatial analytics firm, Esri, has created stories mapping the 2018 Winter Olympics using data in a geographic information system (GIS).

According to Esri, a geographic information system is a platform used to gather, map, and analyze data and spatial locations using geographic science.

Esri created three interactive stories mapping the 2018 Winter Olympics. The maps include medals awarded per country, Olympic venue locations, and hometowns of Team USA.

A live interactive map tracking Olympic wins by country provides a breakdown of each competing country’s wins by medal type (gold, silver, bronze) and a total number of medals. Currently, Norway sits at the top with a total of 29 Olympic medals that includes 11 gold medals. Germany comes in second with a total of 23 medals and tied with Norway with 11 gold medals. Esri updates the map as medals are awarded.

Esri also created a map of the Olympic venues in PyeongChang, South Korea using aerial imagery provided by DigitalGlobe. The map shows the locations of the two main venue areas, the PyeongChang Mountain Cluster and 22.1 miles away, the Gangneung Coastal Cluster. Each cluster shows which Olympic events are held at each venue. The main Olympic stadium is in the PyeongChang Mountain cluster.

A third map created by Esri highlights the hometowns of the 244 athletes representing the United States at the 2018 Winter Olympics. In addition to indicating where the athletes are from, the map also provides a small statistical overview of each athlete. Esri created this beautiful map using their captivating “Firefly” base map, which utilizes glowing point symbols to “provide spatial context with a visual priority.”


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