Seattle to Implement Security Cameras as Part of Network

Word is getting out about Seattle and the city’s plans to add surveillance cameras to the port area to better enforce security along their shoreline. The Port of Seattle is the sixth busiest seaport/terminal in the United States. With this being the case, local officials have realized the need for the port to be equipped with adequate prevention, protection, and response capabilities. Their goal is to make Seattle the most prepared city in America.

Previously, the city’s departments, as well as regional and federal partners analyzed the city’s existing infrastructure and determined that its prevention, protection, and response capabilities were not up to par. Therefore, the city is installing security cameras along the shoreline as part of a wireless Mesh Network composed of wireless access points and fiber optic cables. The Mesh Network’s wireless access points and fiber optic cables will provide first responders such as the Seattle Police Department, the Fire Department, and the Coast Guard with access to the network during emergency calls.

Local officials say that the surveillance cameras should be installed by the end of the month, but they are still working out policies regarding the cameras’ usage. Telecom GIS products like fiber optic network maps can help local governments and first responders in effectively and efficiently dealing with unexpected situations that may arise, such as the ones Seattle is preparing for.

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