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Zayo Awarded Its Largest Mobile Infrastructure Contract to Date

Zayo Awarded Its Largest Mobile Infrastructure Contract to Date

Zayo has been selected by a major wireless carrier to expand mobile infrastructure, connecting “thousands of macro towers” to the carrier’s FTTT network.

According to Zayo, the expansion will span 30 markets across 21 states. This contract is Zayo’s largest mobile infrastructure contract to date. The project will include the installation of dark fiber infrastructure, as well as the replacement of some Ethernet circuits. The expansion will also “bring dark fiber facilities to over 1,800 cell sites in 26 markets.”

The wireless carrier is currently working on improving its network coverage and capacity in preparation for upcoming 5G delivery. Zayo states that the “deployment will leverage both existing fiber and construction of hundreds of route miles of fiber.”

Zayo’s 134,000-mile network in North America and Europe includes extensive metro connectivity to thousands of buildings and data centers. 

Zayo has been a leader in dark fiber services, continuously winning tower and backhaul contracts from wireless carriers. The carrier’s choice to select Zayo is unsurprising. Zayo is currently already “deploying small cell infrastructure” for the wireless carrier, expanding on an already trusted relationship with the carrier.

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by Sarah Pereau | 4 Apr 2018

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