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Another Humanitarian GIS Effort Announced

Another Humanitarian GIS Effort Announced

Throughout the entire summer and going into the fall season, we have looked at a lot of applications in which GIS technology can be used. We have examined all types and manner of business entities, along with the wide range of products and services they have to offer their customers. This field doesn’t belong only in the realm of strictly profit-making for these companies, however. In fact, we profiled one specific company that is donating their GIS-based expertise in trying to defuse landmines in Africa.

Another company, that is donating its time and resources to another social cause, is that of BlueSky, based out of Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. Their primary “bread and butter” revenue lines surround the various offerings of aerial mapping, and modeling.

Specific areas include the following:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Thermal Mapping
  • National Tree Mapping
  • 3D Model Building
  • Air Quality Mapping
  • Solar Panel Mapping
  • Creating Thermal Surveys
  • Creating UAV Surveys

Now, along with a UK based charity organization, BlueSky is embarking upon a goodwill project to help protect government subsidies, which are received for engaging in clean air (as well as clean energy) projects. Supposedly, changes to the Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs) for wind, solar, and hydropower will be dramatically cut and eventually phased out by the UK government. The primary goal is to keep it all in place.

According to the Managing Director of BlueSky, Rachel Tidmarsh, “Changes to the Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs) for wind, solar and hydropower will be dramatically cut and eventually phased out . . . it is, therefore, more important than ever that any proposed scheme is scrutinized to determine optimum location, size, and specification before an investment is made, and quality mapping is crucial to this decision making.” 

It is hoped that these efforts engaged by BlueSky will result in these subsidies still being intact, as it is expected they will be eliminated as early as January of 2016.

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Valerie Stephen