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AT&T Making the Internet More Affordable

AT&T Making the Internet More Affordable

There is no doubt that today, in order to perform our job functions successfully (even for that matter, our personal matters as well), having a constant Internet connection is a must.  Now, this statement does not suggest that we are glued to it 24 X 7 X 365.

But, the need for Internet availability must be there whenever we need or require it.   Whether the Internet is on a laptop or a wireless device, we feel paralyzed if we don’t have it.

Unfortunately, getting instantaneous Internet access can be expensive, especially for low-income families. For example, just here in the Chicago market, it costs an average of $80 a month for a simple basic Internet plan from Comcast.  Add more services to it, such as their “Triple Play Package”, and the price goes up even more.

So, how can a low-income family, while struggling to make ends meet, afford a basic Internet package?  Well, there is now an answer to this question.  Just last week, AT&T announced a special program called “Access from AT&T”.  With this, the vendor is offering a $10 Internet access package for low-income earners.

With this program, families will be able to get Wi-Fi access on their laptops or Smartphones, and also be eligible to use hotspots which are available in public places, such as restaurants, libraries, and even cafes.  It should be noted that this program is not a permanent one, rather, it is designed to go only through 2020.  In fact, this program has been made possible through AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV dating back to 2015.

Access from AT&T is not just designed for low-income families in Illinois, it is also being used by individuals who are also participating in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which covers 21 states.  Also, it is not just AT&T which is offering lower cost services, but the FCC is also upgrading its “Lifeline” program which enables it to offer a subsidy to low-income families as well.

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Valerie Stephen