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The Fiber Gap is Shrinking, Slowly

The Fiber Gap is Shrinking, Slowly

Vertical Systems Group, a Massachusetts-based company committed to providing in-depth analysis and statistics on business data network services, recently released its findings showing that 3 percent more businesses in the United States have a fiber-optic network compared to last year.

The Fiber Gap, or the difference between businesses that have a fiber optic connection and those that do not, can make a huge difference in efficiency. According to Vertical Systems, fiber is the optimal wireline access technology for delivering higher speed network services, including Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS VPNs, as well for Cloud and Internet connectivity, and mobile backhaul.

The current increase shows that now 39.3 percent of businesses with 20 or more employees have a fiber optic high-speed connection, but this means 60.7 percent of U.S. business still suffer from the Fiber Gap.

“During the past year, network operators narrowed the business fiber gap through construction and acquisitions. The majority of new fiber deployments were focused on connecting medium and smaller buildings in the metro areas surrounding major cities across the U.S.,” said Rosemary Cochran, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “Broader accessibility to on-net fiber has started to shake up the services markets. Fiber-based providers and Cable MSOs are capitalizing on the reach and cost advantages of their footprints juxtaposed to legacy infrastructures. Customers are reaping the benefits of more service options, more competitive pricing, and faster service installations.”

Fiber optic cables can support up to 10 GigE Ethernet connections and with multiplexing of wavelength, numerous gigabit services can be put together into a single optical fiber. However, if your building isn’t fiber lit, then you aren’t benefiting from the fastest broadband connectivity and you are suffering from the Fiber Gap.

GeoTel Communications’ fiber lit buildings product is a great tool to help you choose the next location for your office building or facility that requires high-speed connectivity, so your business isn’t part of the Fiber Gap. Our fiber lit building data set can help you analyze the merits of one building site over another by showing which carriers have a fiber presence or have optical switches connected to a fiber loop inside a building. Call GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172 for a customized quote for our fiber lit buildings data set.

Valerie Stephen