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How to Use a Fiber Map to Find Fiber Lit Buildings

How to Use a Fiber Map to Find Fiber Lit Buildings

fiber mapThe term fiber lit building (FLB) may sound intimidating, but it is quite common in today’s society and can be found with the use of a fiber map.

A fiber map can reveal details of fiber optic cable routes, fiber lit buildings, cell towers, and more. So, what are FLBs and why are they important? A fiber lit building is simply a building that has internet service fiber connectivity installed within the building, and/or there may be a telecommunications carrier that has connectivity. It is important to have fiber facilities available in a building to ensure internet connectivity for occupants. It is essential to know where FLBs are located for a multitude of reasons.

Benefit of Knowing

Knowing FLB locations is a great tool for a real estate purchase for a business that needs high connectivity. Data can show which buildings are lit by fiber optics from different providers such as AT&T and Verizon. It is important to invest in a building with high connectivity and large bandwidth. With higher speeds, the building management can charge more, and the renters benefit from a better connection.

This can allow users to hold a competitive advantage with leveraged data. Knowing where FLBs are can also allow for targeted marketing and segmentation analysis based on IP addresses. This information can be used for sales, market penetration, regulatory issues, and business planning. Being pertinent to business decisions, how do you know which buildings contain fiber services and which ones are not yet connected?

Using a Fiber Map

Using a geographic information system framework, a fiber map can show you not only fiber routes but also FLBs. Being able to distinguish fiber paths and locations can be an advantage for any business. An issue certain companies face when trying to pinpoint fiber routes is that their data is often inaccurate and untrustworthy.

GeoTel Communications data is highly trusted and can accurately provide the information to benefit any company in need of high connectivity and its location-based information. Various industries that can directly benefit from this critical information are:

  • Academia
  • Consultancies
  • Economic Development
  • Finance
  • Gaming Networks
  • Local, State, Federal Government
  • Private Enterprise
  • Real Estate
  • Urban Planning

A fiber lit building is crucial for a modern company with a need for high connectivity. Access to a fiber map could be what sets one company apart from its competition. Utilizing these maps will allow businesses to rise above the norm and discover the secrets of the internet and where it lies in correlation with the telecommunications infrastructure.

GeoTel is the leading provider of accurate fiber maps and data. If you are interested in precise and advanced telecommunications data, then contact GeoTel today!

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen