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Fiber Optic Internet Maps – Search, Find, and Navigate Easily

Fiber Optic Internet Maps – Search, Find, and Navigate Easily

fiber optic internet mapFiber optic internet maps or an online fiber map can provide your organization with data pertinent to making business decisions. You can easily search for fiber coverage maps online, but most organizations require punctilious details to assist in accurate decision-making.

Carrier Coverage

There are various internet maps that depict carrier coverage or searches that can identify if a specific provider services an area. However, GeoTel can provide fiber optic internet maps in detail that highlight not only a specific carrier but all of the carriers in a coverage area. This information can be beneficial for departments doing internal analysis to perform risk assessments and areas of opportunity. Being able to identify specific coverage areas for not only your company but also for the competition can allow your organization to make more informed fact-based decisions. GeoTel also offers flexible options with nationwide carrier maps or specific CBSA carrier maps.

Carrier Fiber Routes in Street-Level Detail

As previously mentioned, you can find some fiber optic internet maps online, but you will not be able to distinguish street-level details. If your organization is funding projects in fiber optic deployment and is planning to expand or lease its current fiber infrastructure, knowing the fiber landscape is critical. GeoTel can provide entities with street details for an accurate infrastructure analysis.


One aspect that distinguishes GeoTel’s online maps from other fiber optic internet map options is the level of accuracy. GeoTel has been developing its telecommunications location-based database for over 20 years. A trusted source of information by not only the tech and telecom giants, but also government entities.  Not only has this database been accruing information but it is also geo-checked, verified, and updated on a daily basis.

Supporting Data

Digital interactive maps that depict accurate carrier coverage areas in detail is essential for most organizations. An additional piece of information to support better decision-making is having access to the supporting data. GeoTel is able to offer its clients high-level detailed fiber maps and also provide complimentary datasets that support this information, such as broadband coverage, cell tower locations, fiber lit buildings, and much more. Not only is this information detailed and accurate, but GeoTel can also offer it in various formats that allow your organization to search, find, and navigate fiber easily.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen